Rev. Boyd, Attorney at Law and Friendship Tax
Preparation Service              
Prices Start at $50.00
"If you have tax problems, give us a call."
We offer excellent representation and services including
tax collection, bank levy, wage levy and seizure defense.
We offer electronic tax preparation of:
*941 payroll taxes; *990 non profit charitable taxes for
501(C)(3)'s; *1040 individual,
self employment, household
taxes; *1041, 706 estate and trust taxes
*1065 partnership and limited liability company taxes
*1120 corporate taxes and sales taxes
Current, past years dating to 1983, secure old refunds
*Amendments, IRS prepared returns,
*Abatements, Remove old tax liens
*Offers in Compromise and Payment Agreements
*Tax and Accounting Audits,  innocent & injured spouse
*Research credits, expenses, deductions & capital gains
Incorporation of businesses & charitable non profit
for child care centers, churches, etc
1629 K Street, NW, #300, Washington., DC 20006;
(202) 257-4590. Fax: (202) 787-3972.
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We represent clients in
tax disputes, payroll taxes,    
incorporations, estates, wills and guardianships.
Same & next day service available.